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Barefootruns.com website is all about┬árunning exercise, training plans, helpful tips and gear reviews. While the site title contains the name “barefoot”, more often than not this includes all kinds of minimalist running techniques, shoes and other equipment you might be interested in. Barefoot, or minimalist style running is still a small niche within the general running and exercise genres, but it is quickly picking up speed.

Throughout history humans have always been running either barefooted or with some improvised “shoes” but somehow all that was lost with┬áthe industrial revolution and the advances in shoe manufacturing. A significant change to the status quo was the introduction of a book written by Christopher McDougall.

The book is called Born to Run, and the writer describes an ancient group of people called the Tarahumara living in Mexico that seem to have superhuman capabilities when it comes to running. What makes the Tarahumara special is that they do not use shoes in the traditional sense, but they have mastered the art of running either barefoot or with some simple leather sandals.

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